Mark, Westminster Bookstore Staff,
“Best Christian history series for young people. Period. End of story!”

Camilla, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:
“These books are awesome! Although they are targeted for ages 9-14, I don’t know of a single adult who would not be educated, moved, and challenged by these incredible stories. Authors Mindy and Brandon Withrow are obviously some of the finest professional historians. Their passion, attention to truth and detail, and extensive research shows from the first page to the last….But best of all, Mindy and Brandon are fantastic writers….The descriptive writing is captivating and leaps off the page like a surround-sound theater. The character descriptions and personalities are painted vividly and established solidly….These books are staying in our home to be read often: I won’t even loan them out! I’ll tell others where to buy their own!”

New Life Newspaper, Australia:
“…a series of books under a clever History Lives title for that difficult-to-buy-for age group of 9-14 years old….Hearts and Hands is aptly named….We need to bring such lives to the attention of our children.  Some names we know well, others we don’t, but each moment in time from their lives is carefully chosen and beautifully written. I have not read the earlier volumes but if they are as readable as this one, we have here a wonderful course in Church History for young readers.”

Rachel, Pennsylvania:
“If you know a young person to whom you would like to introduce the major figures and doctrines of Christian church history, these would be perfect. I desperately wish I had had such books in my hands as a young adult.”

Christy, Kansas:
“I just finished reading through Monks and Mystics and was eager to see what other books you have written in the History Lives series, which has led me to your website. It was great, and my 10 year old son is enjoying it almost as much as I have.”

Janie, West Virginia:
“The Withrow couple is answering the quest of many searching for a readable and interesting church history book for young people…From the first few lines, I was hooked. The writing transports you to the time and place. You feel like you are right there…The Withrows began writing these church history books for their nieces and nephews. With that kind of vested interest, it is no wonder that the writing is so well done—just like a long, wonderful story told to eager little ears…Make haste and get thee this book!”

Tony, California:
“Approachable volumes on church history for children…pick up a volume and turn bedtime stories into exciting, funny, and thrilling tales of real Christians living missionally for their Lord.”

Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
“Brandon and Mindy Withrow have undertaken the task of writing a multi-volume history of the church for youthful readers. And the results are a wonderful gift to the church, both providing a helpful historical resource and narrating lives and events in a way that engages and inspires.”

Jessica, Georgia:
“Thanks to both of you for writing these books, they are wonderful! I am putting together a schedule of how homeschoolers could use them with The Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer.”

Daniel, California:
“My girls are devouring your two church history books for kids. They can hardly put them down. They want you to hurry up and finish the series!”

Rowena, Missouri:

“Our kids love to read, so I’m often ordering books that I think they’ll enjoy and find that I love them too. Mindy and Brandon Withrow have authored a wonderful series of books aiming for the 9-14 year old market, but equally enjoyable for all ages.”

Liz, Warnbro, Western Australia:
“Even though [Hearts and Hands] is written with young people in mind, there is nothing ‘childish’ about the content which is decidedly thorough and makes fascinating reading….keeps the reader’s attention throughout….These books will hopefully become a valuable resource for parents, teachers, youth leaders, pastors and anyone else who desires to read God’s word in the context of Christianity since the inception of the Christian church. A couple of years ago, my husband and I were asked to do a two-week series on church history for an adult home group (a big ask!). It would have been an easy task if we had known of this series and I’m sure the books would have been on constant loan to the participants.”

Beth, Pennsylvania:
“I’m only a few chapters into Peril and Peace…thus far I am pretty impressed, both with its accuracy and with the way it engages young readers. I think I will be adding this whole series to our home library.”

John, Georgia:
Monks and Mystics is an excellent text to use as a basis for an upper elementary or middle school Sunday school class on church history. It would also be useful in Christian schools. As a supplemental text it is perfect. Although an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. So much so, that I ordered the first book the next day and plan to order any successive books as they become available. The stories were interesting and well-written…the Withrows do not shy away from using technical terms. Often the characters explain the terms in words that could be understood by a 9 year old in their speech to each other. (In truth I understood some of the terms better than I ever have before!)”

Dan, Banstead, Surrey, UK:
“Just brilliant.  I wish I could have read these books before I did the church history module at Oak Hill Bible College.”