The history of Christianity does not belong to adults alone. Children have much to gain by learning about their heritage. But most kids books on the history of Christianity are either too textbook-ish to enjoy or too brief and sanitized to be accurate.

Our desire for the History Lives series for children (ages 9-14) is to provide an engaging, accurate introduction to the true story of Christianity. These “fictionalized” accounts are based on extensive historical research and incorporate quotes from the characters’ actual writings. These books are not about the “heroes of the faith” but about some of the flawed human beings that make up the story of Christianity from its beginning.

Christian history is full of strange, wonderful, and horrible stories. Prince Vladimir was instrumental in the spreading of Christianity throughout Russia, but was a vicious, opportunistic ruler. Charlemagne promoted education in the Holy Roman Empire, but he showed little mercy to his enemies. Bernard of Clairvaux simultaneously wrote a famous book on loving God and promoted the bloody Second Crusade. Many sacrificed family, wealth, and even their lives for the sake of their beliefs. These are the people—from every geographic, ethnic, and economic background and with all the variety of human personality—that laid the foundation for Christianity as we know it today. In this series, we try to tell their stories from their perspectives. And we hope their achievements and failures will instruct generations to come, giving them a backward glimpse into the story of Christianity as understood by those figures who made it possible.

Parents, we invite you to read these books with your children.  Thanks for reading!